Packs are payable in Mercatorcoin (XMC) digital currency.

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The QR.CR UltraPack

($25 USD/month or $300 USD/year)

The QR.CR UltraPack will help your business in many ways! On top of everything you get in the ProPack and SuperPack, we added many exciting features such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Mobile Landing Page; in many instances our Mobile Landing Pages outrank the original sites to which users link!
  • Audio Infomercial on your Mobile Landing Page from an uploaded MP3 or use our integrated Voice Recorder
  • Mobile YouTube Clip Integration Pages
  • Social Media Bar for easy sharing of your social media links
  • Linkable Footer Lines
  • Live Mobile Coupons

    Mobile Coupons

    Create mobile coupons with just a few clicks of your mouse!

    Based on the easy Edit Profile menu for your mobile landing page, we introduced our Mobile Coupon Generator.

    The coupon comes with its own selectable Hot Button for easy access via the mobile landing page. It includes:
  • Automatic Barcode Generator to create Code39 or UPC barcodes for your coupon.
  • Color Selectors for all texts, graphics, starburst, scissors and background.
  • User selectable up-loadable logo image with auto resizing.
  • The mobile coupon comes with a full set of social media share buttons on its mobile landing page (all included in the UltraPack).

    The QR.CR SuperPack

    ($12.50 USD/month or $150 USD/year)

    The QR.CR SuperPack offers many features to help promote your business. On top of everything you get in the ProPack, you have access to:

  • Mobile YouTube Clip
  • Integration Pages
  • Event Manager
  • Changeable Color QR Code and Background
  • Your Customized QR Code (logo)
  • 3 Business Mobile Page Templates
  • Hosted Audio Infomercial Button

    The QR.CR ProPack

    ($5 USD/month or $60 USD/year)

    The QR.CR ProPack statistics screen reveals the locations where your QR Code was scanned. To avoid privacy issues, the QR.CR system is permission based. The user locations are based on cell-tower triangulation or GPS information from the user’s phone, and are usually very accurate. You can scroll, drag and zoom the map to see the location markers. Multiple markers in one place are clustered for enhanced readability. Clusters automatically expand when clicked on or zoomed in.
    The Statistics page of the ProPack records which buttons your users actually pressed on your mobile landing page. More graphs will be provided to measure the effectiveness of your mobile QR campaign.